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Your inventory, streamlined & connected.

Optimize your business operations with Stockflo's comprehensive inventory system. Utilize an all-in-one solution to streamline your inventory, supplier, and cost management, improving your business and strengthening supplier-buyer connections.

Make your inventory ordering flow.

Re-stock your inventory instantly and reduce time, cost and errors.

For Restaurants

Streamlined Ordering Process: Efficiently manage orders from various suppliers in one place, reducing time spent and mistakes made.
Enhanced Inventory Control: Gain precise control over your stock with detailed insights and real-time updates.
Effective Cost Management: Make informed purchasing decisions to optimize costs and improve profitability.
Easy Supplier Communication: Streamline communication with suppliers for quick and clear order confirmations.
Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage data analytics for informed decisions on menu planning and inventory purchasing.

For suppliers

Expanded Market Reach: Connect with a wider array of businesses, expanding your customer base.
Efficient Order Processing: Optimize your order handling to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.
Improved Customer Relations: Build stronger, more collaborative relationships with your clients.
Data Insights for Demand Forecasting: Leverage data to forecast demand and plan your stock efficiently.

Our features

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Monitor stock levels instantly, ensuring accurate inventory data at all times.

Automated Reordering System

Automate your restocking process, minimizing the risk of running out of essential items.

Supplier-buyer Connectivity

Facilitate seamless communication& transactions between suppliers and buyers.

Recipe Management

Get even more oversight, by implementing recipe´s to completely break down your costs.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration

Integrate inventory management with POSsystems for a cohesive retail experience.

Multi-location Inventory Management

Manage inventory across multiple store locations or warehouses

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights through detailed reports and analytics

Mobile Accessibility & Management

Access and manage inventory on the go with a mobile-friendly interface

Secure Cloud-based Data Storage

Keep your inventory data safe and accessible with secure, cloud-based storage solutions.

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